White House Farm: The New Evidence

Two six-year-old twins and three adults were murdered in cold blood in August 1985. Shot in a sprawling farmhouse in the Essex countryside, police first believed that the daughter, Sheila Caffell, had killed her family. But in a twist, the spotlight turned to the one family member still alive – Jeremy Bamber. 

In a case that rocked the nation, Bamber went on trial just over a year later and was sensationally convicted of all five murders and given a whole life tariff without any chance of parole. But the conviction has divided opinion for decades.

Bamber has always protested his innocence and applied for appeal after appeal – all to be turned down. Yet police records that were not presented at the trial possibly throw reasonable doubt on whether the right person has been punished for the crime. Here we analyse the events of that fateful night, the investigation and what was and wasn`t presented at the trial of Bamber.  Could someone else have killed the family at Whitehouse Farm?