One hour documentary special on the world renowned bridge builders past and present.

From the Skye Bridge in Scotland to the Millennium Bridge in London, why does Britain produce the best bridges in the world?

Includes special contributions from world renowned experts; Lord Norman Foster, Keith Brownlie, Hamish Douglas, Wilkinson Eyre and Milau Viaduct creator, Michael Virlogux.

Ordered by Co-Production & Acquisitions Manager for History , Rachel Job, the film explores how pioneering British engineers and architects created and produced brilliant feats that went on to influence bridge building the world over.

The show features stunning HD footage of the Skye Bridge in Scotland, Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, the Milau Viaduct in France and the Millennium Bridge in London.

Helen Tonge, Managing Director of Title Role commented: ‘Working on this project with History marks Title Role’s move into specialist factual and this has been such an awe inspiring subject to bring to life.’