Betrayed and he’s going to pay

We all know relationships can be hard and of course breakups even harder, but what happens when you’re the one getting kicked to the curb?! What would you do? Walk away with your head held high, or hit the once ‘love of your life’ where it hurts?

It seems some of us just can’t take it lying down and when sorry just isn’t enough, these are the people who have taken affairs into their own hands.

In this brand new show, we meet some of the UK’s most infuriated jilted lovers and take a look at the lengths they went to in order to get revenge on their ex partners. In this episode, we meet the vengeful ‘dumpee’ who inflicted a whopping £20,000 worth of damage on her cheating ex’s new love nest, a Wiltshire Lady who went on a ‘high class’ revenge spree to get back at her cheating Lord of a husband, and a jilted fiancé who raffled his honeymoon off to the public in a bid to spite his once wife to be.

We also catch up with feisty former ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star Abi Clarke to find out what happened when her boyfriend dared to send her packing and the jilted female duo who named and shamed the fool who dared to two-time them for over a year.