All Inclusive: How Do They Do It?

All Inclusive: How Do They Do It? follows three groups of very different holidaymakers as they all descend on the same resort for a week of all-inclusive -holidaying their way.

The Greens are a family who think they have all the tips and hacks to get the best out of an all-inclusive stay. With 17 years experience at these kind of resorts, they show us how to save money and precious time on your holiday.

The Wests on the other hand, are first timers. Being a young family, they usually holiday in Blighty; so how will they fare in the land of all inclusive? Will they make all the classic mistakes?

Finally we have our group of ladies from Crewe. They are supermarket colleagues that have been holidaying together for years. Can a group of friends get just as much enjoyment from a family friendly, all-inclusive resort?

As our guests put the resort to the test, we also go behind the scenes to show how hundreds of staff from all departments cater for over a 1,000 guests!